NFT & digital art meets animal & nature conservancy

(Crowdfunding that offers completely new possibilities)

The artist Aurora Mysteria’s vision:

A part of Aurora Mysteria’s vision is to harness the power of NFTs for wildlife conservation. Her vision extends beyond conventional boundaries by utilizing crypto and NFTs as tools for positive global change.

The vision

Direct Actions

NFTs and Minting

the Community

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The Problem:

Our planet is at a critical point in its history. The threat to biodiversity is real and acute. Animals and plants that were once flourishing parts of our ecosystem are now on the brink of extinction, and their habitats are being alarmingly destroyed.


Alarming facts:

Loss of biodiversity: A dramatic decline in biodiversity is observed as habitats are destroyed by human activities.

Unawareness: A significant factor in this alarming scenario is the ignorance of many people. Unconscious decisions and actions contribute to the destruction of habitats and the loss of species.

Environmental pollution: Toxic substances and pollution not only endanger life in the oceans but also have serious effects on biodiversity on land.


Why it concerns everyone:

The loss of animals and plants has not only ecological but also serious social and economic implications. Nature is a complex network where each element plays a role. The loss of a species can trigger chain reactions that destabilize entire ecosystems.


It´s our choice:

It is in our hands to shape the future of our planet. Even small, conscious actions can make a big difference. Let’s stand together and take action to stop the destruction of animals, plants, and our precious planet through unconscious actions.

The Solution: Crypto and NFTs as catalysts for environmental protection and financial support

In the challenge of addressing environmental issues, many organizations encounter obstacles, whether through political or structural influences or financial constraints. However, amidst these challenges, NFTs and cryptocurrencies open entirely new dimensions for the solution.


Overcoming barriers:

Direct funding: Crypto and NFTs enable direct, global financing without the detour through complex bureaucratic structures. Funds can be quickly and efficiently collected without being hindered by political or bureaucratic hurdles.

Decentralization of resources: Unlike traditional donation structures, blockchain technology allows collected funds to flow directly into various projects on-site. This ensures that the aid reaches its intended destination.


Direct impact on-site:

Rapid global fundraising: NFTs make it possible to collect donations on a global scale and quickly target them to various projects.

Transparent financing: The transparency of the blockchain ensures that the use of donations is traceable and visible to everyone.

Support for different projects: The flexibility of crypto allows channeling funds into various environmentally friendly projects, from species conservation to the preservation of natural habitats.


Crypto and NFTs offer a transformative solution that overcomes the limits of traditional donation and financing models. Together, we can implement the vision of Aurora Mysteria and actively contribute to shaping a sustainable future for our planet.

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