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Direct Actions

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What are „Direct Actions“:

Direct actions in species conservation are concrete measures and activities that aim directly to protect endangered species and their habitats instead of dissipating valuable time and money through large structures. These actions are often carried out by activists, environmental organizations, or local communities to achieve immediate impacts on biodiversity conservation. Here are some examples of direct actions in species conservation:

Habitat protection and restoration: Activists can work directly in endangered habitats to protect or restore them. This may involve removing invasive species, planting native plants, or constructing protective fences.

Anti-poaching patrols: Groups of activists can conduct patrols in vulnerable areas to prevent poaching. This includes monitoring wildlife and reporting suspicious activities to local authorities.

Reforestation projects: Direct actions can also involve planting trees and other plants to regenerate habitats and promote biodiversity.

Species conservation monitoring: Direct actions may include monitoring endangered species to collect population numbers, migration patterns, and other crucial information essential for their protection.

These direct actions play a crucial role in the global effort to conserve biodiversity. They advocate for tangible, measurable changes to protect endangered species and mitigate the loss of biodiversity.

The Challenge: The challenge of mobilizing financial resources for species conservation is all too real, and unfortunately, donated funds often get absorbed by the administrative costs of large organizations, rather than directly benefiting conservation projects. With the establishment of this community and the use of NFTs and blockchain, the artist Aurora Mysteria aims to create a way to mobilize funds for direct action projects and allocate them directly to the projects in a targeted manner.